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Welcome to Good Skimpin’.

This year I’m making a bit of a lifestyle change and to document this new direction I’ve decided to launch back into the blogosphere.

The aim is to live more simply.

I will be reducing from full-time work down to part-time and my wife is going to be a student.

We’re hoping to have more time to volunteer in the community, build deeper relationships and forge out a way of living which is more connected to the environment and those around us.

It may all end in tears, leaving my wife and I on the bread line or it may throw up some new ideas about how to do life in a way which is light on the planet, the pocket and ourselves.

And maybe some of the ideas that I throw may also be helpful to others on their own journeys.

So how did I arrive at this point?

Is it just a bourgeoisie luxury or a way to re-define my uselessness?

Last year I changed jobs halfway through the year, from one which had a traditional 9-5 Mon-Fri working week to one which required some weekend shifts but also allowed me to have days off during the week.

With my more flexible working week I was able to coach a couple of local sports teams and do a paper at university. These were both very enjoyable experiences and so this year I have decided to create a bit more space in my week to try some out some other things in our area and still have time to hang out with my wife and friends.

The second factor on my mind is I’m also keen to try debunk the idea that I need to work a 40 hour week to get ahead in this life.

I think having more time in my life will leave space for reading books,  learn a new language, develop more meaningful relationships and have the spare time and energy to live  in a more planet conscious way.

To whoever may come upon these humble ramblings, I hope you feel free to comment, argue, and challenge me further.