I’m sure there’s a song about it ain’t being easy trying to do something new … so here’s a few of my recent failures.

1. I knew Jo wanted a hair straightener so whilst watching tv in the morning ( since I don’t have a job to rush off to every morning) I saw the InStyler on sale for only $14.95!

So I rang up and ordered one. However when the wonderful new product arrived in the mail, I realised it was in fact $250, which I would need to pay off in five installments of $50 over five months. My intial payment was simply to cover the postage. Thankfully this item can be returned. But the first lesson of the simple life is : do not let your spare time be monopolised by telecomercials.

2. Some friends of mine told me about all the amazing things they have found on the curbs around the streets of London. And so feeling industrious I decided to drive around the streets of Epsom and Mt Eden and see if I too could find a breadmaker, sewing machine or funky coffee table, rather than buying one. One fruitless hour later, which included a quick rummage through a big skip resulted in my finding only one daggy couch, which I left on the grass verge. Maybe Londoners are more generous with their ‘junk’.

3. Living simply also means eating simply. But on this one particular day I thought I would just sneak into McDonalds to grab a small fries. Nek minute… I came out with a Bacon Cheeseburger Combo and a terrible guilty feeling for destroying my body, and also contributing to this awful multi-nationals’ profits. Woe is me, my primal urges are too great sometimes!

4. Trying to sell a car. Well we put our sleek, cheap to run Pulsar on trade me hoping for a quick deal. But after an hour of calls from car dealers wanting to buy it, I realised that our sedan was probably too good to give up, and we withdrew the sale and put our other 7 seater on trade me instead.However we’ve had no bites as yet so I’m not sure what the lesson is here but perhaps being a bit more decisive would help.

Those are just a few of my stumbling attempts and failures at trying to do things a bit more ‘simply’. I’m sure there’s plenty more to come.