Jo and I have been trying to make the move into vegetarinism of late. Or at least give part-time vegetarinism a go.


– to save money by not buying expensive meat.

– to reduce our complicity to cruel and inhuman farming practices. Much of the meat we eat has pretty much been tortured to death, pumped full of drugs or harassed most of its life.

– to lose weight ( that’s for me, not jo).

– to live a bit more simply. Who said every meal needs, a meat, a vege and a carb. There are plenty of filling and creative ways to make dinner without sticking to this formula. And I find that I usually end up eating to much when I make something from each of these food groups, thus the pot belly.

And so we’ve been trying out some creative meals of late.

Here are some recipes of my personal favs that we’ve recently partaken in.

Jo made this mean falafel burger meal. real filling, and the crispy burnt bits of the falafel are even tastier than the crispy burnt bits on a sausage or meat patty.

Cousous salad. This literally takes 10mins from start to finish to make, and I made too much by mistake because it’s hard to believe such a small amount of coucous will fill us for dinner. But it really does, and so I had plenty for lunches.

Potato and bean curry

I made this in England, and it was bland-city. So I’ve tried it since and doubled up on the spices and it was rocking!

The recipe is my own -so I can’t paste a link. But just think beef curry, without the beef and two-times the spice. Oh and the potatoes and beans.